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  • Handrear Conure Baby Friendly Very Tame Parrot

    Bhimber, Azad Kashmir
    August 19, 2019
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    Price: Rs 25,000.00

    I am selling my baby handrear conure parrot. They are very friendly and are people parrot as they have been Handrear at a very young age. Also can learn to talk as only baby and just been wean off. Some do come flying over to you and love to sit in you. Also as you can see can be hold upside down and love a belly rub. Also will eat from from and on your hand. They do love come on to you and are use to another animals. Also do go to anyone and are good around children..

    please contact me on
    Contact Information
    Phone: +15015033916
    Age: 5 months, 25 days old
    Gender: Male & Female
    Location: Bhimber, Azad Kashmir,

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