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    Human Foods That Can Hurt Your Pet

    posted by:Zeeshan Ahmed
    Pets usually have a lot of endearing qualities. One of these things that can seem very adorable is their incessant desire to eat human foods. After all they smell your delicious pizza and see you eating fries and obviously feel left out. How can we deny them the food we eat ourselves? There’s a good […]

    Common Dog Illnesses

    posted by:Zeeshan Ahmed
    When you bring a puppy home, you want to give him or her the best life possible. And just like any other member of your family, you will want to keep them healthy and safe from illnesses. Well, the first step towards achieving that is to know about what the common diseases are, how you […]

    How Overfeeding Can Harm Your Pets

    posted by:Zeeshan Ahmed
    How can pets get overfed? If you’re a pet owner, you must be aware of how difficult it is to stop pampering your furry friend sometimes. After all, it is so difficult to say no when that adorable face is begging you to share some of your food with them, but at the end of […]

    Understanding Toxoplasmosis & Treatment

    posted by:Zeeshan Ahmed
    When it comes to the profiling of contagious diseases that can pass from cat to human, Toxoplasmosis is one that is very well known. But what exactly is this disease, how can it be caused, and what are some of the myths about it? Read on below for an understanding of this highly prolific zoonotic […]